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The suitability of the hose is essentially determined by its resistance to the chemical product to be conveyed.

Even during proper use, sufficient resistance does not mean unlimited durability and maintenance of the hose's original properties. The effects from many different kinds of media can include swelling, shrinking and leaking of the hose media, as well as chemical reactions, thereby impairing the properties of the hose and the medium.

In general, this can happen even more quickly and suddenly the higher the working temperature, the greater the working pressure, stream velocity, wear and tear, the longer the duration and the greater the frequency of contact with the substance, the age of the hose, as well as the higher the contamination levels of the chemical substance to be conveyed.

The information contained in this resistance chart is a guideline and can only be guaranteed for a limited period of time.

This is based on laboratory tests generally carried out at a room temperature of 25° C , on relevant literature, as well as on practical experience. Chemical suitability tests are not carried out for every case.

Should the information seem insufficient or should the user be in doubt, s/he should arrange with Semperit Technical Department to have individual testing done.

In addition, the user is also recommended to carry out on-going tests of hose systems if the danger of the above mentioned occurrences cannot be ruled out.

As a rule, the tests should be repeated every six to twelve months.


Should chemical mixtures or chemical substances other than those indicated be conveyed, or should the composition (i.e. the concentration and temperature) of the chemical substances deviate from the given information, you must either consult Semperit before using the hose system in question, or carry out a special chemical suitability test for the relevant application.

The suitability of hoses and hose systems can only be carried out on a case by case basis.

Deviations vis-à-vis Addendum 1 of EN 12115:1999 are possible.

This information is based on years of experience. Right to make technical amendments, literal mistakes and falsities reserved.


Suitability group Suitability
A suitable for full and empty hose systems
B limited suitability i.e. only for empty hose systems
or short term operation
C not suitable Materials will be weakened or destroyed
- contact Semperit

*) Massenanteil (früher Gewichts-%), TR = technisch rein
**) Siehe Dokumentation Chemieschläuche aus Elastomeren oder Thermoplasten gem. Werknorm Teil 1 der chemischen Industrie, Seite 1


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