Avoid damage - maintain safety!

Not only can damaged hydraulic hose assemblies cause a company unexpected expense, under certain circumstances they can also lead to severe accidents. This can be avoided if sufficient attention is devoted to the early detection of damage.

Conditions for safe operations

  • Choice of a suitable hose assembly for the required working pressure, conditions of operation and nominal diameter
  • Operating range in accordance with relevant standards or other regulations
  • Professional installation, correct and careful laying
  • Immediate replacement of damaged hose assemblies

Main causes of damage

  • Mechanical damage
  • Too much bending
  • Extreme tension
  • Above-average twisting
  • Severe compression
  • Unsuitable medium

Possible consequences of damage

  • Damage to outer cover down to steel wire reinforcement - may result in corrosion of wire reinforcement
  • Deformation or embrittlement of outer cover
  • Damage or deformation of hose fittings
  • Possibility of bursting

Regular checks for early detection of damage

  • Perfect condition of outer cover of hose - no cracks, bubbles, deformation, wear or kinking
  • Proper attachment of fittings
  • Proper laying - avoid extreme kinking, too much tension, violent twisting
  • Check for leakage

Procedure for replacement of hoses

  • Guarantee the absence of pressure
  • Check suitability of replacement hose
  • Install replacement hose
  • Restore operating pressure
  • Check for leaks





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