• Looped Marking

    360° visibility and fast and easy identification determine the new labeling of our hoses.
  • SIGMA® – The return of the original

    Discover the next generation of the extremely abrasion resistant Semperit SIGMA® transport system.
  • The new Semperit Multipurpose Hose Family

    Get a descriptive overview of the new Semperit multipurpose product range including the main individual hose characteristics.
  • FUB & FUB-386 Upgrade

    With the product redesign, the hoses now also meet the requirements of SAE J30R2 & J30R6 and are suitable for the usage with the most common gasoline and diesel fuels in the market
  • Semperit Supreme® – The new reference

    The unique multipurpose hose, a revolution on the industrial hose market, uniting the positive features of EPDM and NBR in a single high-performance hose.
  • Semperit Colorflex enriches the multipurpose hose family

    After an intense research and development phase our new Colorflex multipurpose EPDM hoses are ready to be launched. The highly flexible multi-colored 20 bar hoses, available in...
  • Variety of corrugated hoses

    Semperit is now capable to broaden the Semperflex Industrial product portfolio by offering corrugated hoses up to 61 meters (up to and including 6”) and maximum 30,5 meters for...
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