Damaged hoses can not only cause a company unexpected costs, but could also lead to accidents with serious consequences - ramifications that can be prevented by sufficiently adhering to the following points.

Prerequisites for safe hose use:

  • Select the appropriate hose in accordance with the working pressure, the conditions under which the hose is to be used and the hose's nominal values
  • Use the hose in accordance with relevant norms or other regulations
  • Properly secure and transfer the hose correctly and carefully
  • Immediately replace damaged hoses

Main causes of damage:

  • Mechanical damage
  • Exceeding the minimum bending radius
  • Excessive tensile strain
  • Crushing
  • Squeezing
  • Conveying unsuitable media

Regular inspections for early detection of damage:

  • Perfect condition of outer layer of hose - no tears, blistering, warping, worn or kinked areas
  • Proper attachment of the fittings
  • Proper transfer of the hose - avoid excessive kinking, excessive tensile strain, forceful twisting
  • Checking that hose does not leak


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