Test procedures

Impulse test measures performance

The impulse test is the most severe test for a hose assembly, reproducing practical operating conditions very closely.

Semperit's quality assurance department therefore continually takes samples and subjects them to impulse test in quality in production runs.

This test is carried out as follows: the hose assembly under test is given the minimum bend radius specified by the standard and subjected to an alterning load varying between a flushing pressure of approx. 10 bar and a pressure equal to 125 % or 133 % of its dynamic working pressure.

Testing up to 1.000.000 load cycles...

Depending on the type of hose, the sample is expected to withstand at least 150.000, 200.000 or 400.000 load cycles under these conditions.

Special Semperit designs such as 1 SN-K, 2 SN-K and SPC-2 are additionally impulse tested up to 1 million cycles.

Further details of test methods and quality requirements, such as chemical and physical tests, media resistance, ageing characteristics etc. can be found in the SAE J 343, EN 853 to 857 and ISO 1436 standards.





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