Aging effects with rubber products are always dependent on temperature. A slightly higher temperature causes the hose to age more quickly.

Temperatures above +120° C can reduce the resistance of textile reinforcements as well as the burst pressure of the hose!

Please see the corresponding catalogue sheet for the valid temperature ranges for the respective Semperit hose.

Semperit offers special hoses for high temperature usage.


The effects of oil and fuel on rubber depend on many factors, which must be observed for the correct selection of materials:

  • Oil composition (diesel oil, hydraulic oil, ASTM 1-3)
  • Temperature and duration of use
  • Pressure / low pressure

Oil resistance of rubber materials is classified according to changes in physical properties that take place in standardized liquids. Swelling in IRM 903 (ASTM oil no. 3) at 100° C for a test duration of 70 hours is often used as a measurement.

If a change in volume of less than 25% is determined, a material is officially classified as having a "very good" resistance to oil.


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