Order and delivery terms

For technical or manufacturing reasons, or because of length specifications or packing units, it may not always be possible to supply exact order quantities.  We therefore reserve the right to vary the amount actually supplied and invoiced by +/- 10% of the amount ordered.

Mandrel built hoses
standard length: 40m
delivered length: ≥36m

Because of different production needs it might be possible that also lengths ≥36m are delivered. Moreover it could happen for customised orders that up to 10% of the deliveries are sent in short lengths from 10-35,9m at the same price.

Long length hoses
standard length: 40m or 50m
min. 95% of the quantity is delivered in fixed lengths.
max. 5% of the quantity is delivered in short lengths (≥25m).

standard length: 100m
min. 90% of the quantity is delivered in fixed lengths.
max. 10% of the quantity is delivered in short lengths (≥25m).

In general length tolerances according to EN ISO 1307:2006 are executed.

If different delivered lengths are required in individual cases, this has to be clarified at the time of order. Unless otherwise agreed the above rules are applied.

Standard packaging for rolled goods made on steel mandrels:
- Packaged as single items, loose in lorry.

The following options are also available on request: 

  • Stretch-wrapped and/or banded onto pallets
  • Unpackaged
  • Packed in wooden boxes
  • Packed in cardboard half shells 
  • On drums

Standard packaging for rolled goods made using "long length production":
ID < 25mm:  110cm x 110cm pallet, packed as single items, stretch-wrapped on pallet
ID 25, 28 mm: 80cm x 120cm pallet, packed as single items, stretch-wrapped on pallet
ID > 28mm:  110cm x 110cm pallet, loose, stretch-wrapped on pallet

Depending on product type, size and manufacturing technology, certain minimum order quantities must be observed for manufactured items.

Example of how technology plays a role:
LLH (long-length hose) manufacturing technology ID 25mm: approx. 3000m
MBH (mandrel-built hose) manufacturing technology; ID 25mm; steel mandrel: 600m.

Certain items are stocked by Semperit.
We differentiate between items that are automatically manufactured once stock levels fall below a defined minimum level (LR items), and those for which a batch is not produced when stock is exhausted until a new customer order is placed (L items).

The minimum stock level for LR items is based on sales volumes for the previous period and is adjusted according to average demand. At times of peak demand, there may sometimes be shortages and therefore delivery delays until more hoses are manufactured.

A list of our current stock items can be found either by logging onto our website or obtained from your local sales office.

LR......Preferred stock item with minimum stock level (see description above)
L........Stock item with no minimum stock level
O.......Manufacture item


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