There are 3 basic types of marking:

1. Transfer tape

The desired wording or design is printed on a backing film in one or more colours. During vulcanisation, the colour is transferred to the surface of the hose. The film is then removed. This results in a visually appealing and very easily distinguishable marking.  You can choose from a variety of colours, colour combinations and font sizes. In principle, the ink transfer marking method is available for all hoses with cloth impression.

2. Coloured marking

Liquid colour is applied either by a transfer wheel or ink-jet printer. White ink is mostly used, but other colours may be used in exceptional circumstances. This type of marking is less expensive than using ink transfer tape, although it is significantly less hard-wearing. This type of marking can be applied to all our hose types.

3. Embossing

The text is embossed into the cover using a wheel or tape. With only a few exceptions, this is only available in the same colour as the cover. Embossing is by far the most durable method, as it is totally compatible with the mix used for the cover. It can be applied to all mandrel built hoses.


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