Basically every hose consists of the following three elements, each of which fulfills an important function:

1. TUBE 

The tube is the inner element of the hose and serves as the contact element for the medium to be conveyed. The choice of the right caoutchouc mixture guarantees the best conveyance of chemicals, oil, abrasive and many other media.


The reinforcement allows the necessary cross-sectional stability of the hose to resist static and dynamic pressures. This high-strength layer can be made up of diverse textiles, nylon, steel wire or a combination of these materials. If the hose is to be highly flexible or resistant to a high level of suction an additional steel wire helix is embedded in the reinforcement.


The cover is the outer and therefore visible part of the hose. It protects the hose against external influences such as weather, temperature and mechanical damage which may occur during use. It is essential to select the caoutchouc mixture that corresponds best to the conditions for use.


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