General guideline for the use of our products

The choice of the correct type of hose is very important for the proper and safe use in service.

Therefore when choosing our products, please check the appropriateness of the chosen product for the customer's specific application of you and/or your customer and instruct your customers about the functional range of the products and their limitations accurately.

However the appropriateness of the chosen product for the customer's specific application can only be determined in individual cases and is dependent on the definite installation situation (especially the hose curvature), the combination of the coupling and the compatibility of the medium with the inner coating of the hose (inner core). Further information in the sub-items of this menu (see left side) provide a brief overview on these topics, but do not replace specialist advice in individual cases. Please obtain specialist advice in the event of any uncertainty!

The number of possible operating hours falls if the hose is used under unfavourable operating conditions. These include maximum operational pressure, maximum temperature and minimum bending radius. When several of these factors coincide, the product deteriorates more rapidly and therefore must be replaced sooner.

Therefore please verify the operating conditions regularly and adapt the replacement cycle to them.


Wrong product selection or improper installation of the hoses can result in damage or failure of the hose, (often also serious) material damage and personal injury. Particularly in applications with high operational pressure, non-compliance with the specifications can result in serious risk of injury! Therefore, in case of doubt, please seek specialist advice!

Hose and working medium

The hose inner surface (inner core) must be appropriate for the medium used in the application (oil, water, air, gas) as otherwise the hose can be damaged or destroyed by working medium or its contents and can thus fail, which can result in (partial or even serious) material damage or personal injury.


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