Handling guidelines for the SIGMA® materials handling hose system

In addition to the general handling guidelines for rubber hoses, it is important to observe the following points when using SIGMA® materials handling hose system due to their large physical dimensions and measurements:

  • In principle, SIGMA® hoses are to be handled on pallets regardless of delivery method (coiled, up to DN 152, straight, above that) so as to prevent any damage to the hose.
  • When delivered straight, it is recommended that the hoses be handled by two fork lifts.
  • A hoisting eye must be used if individual hoses or hose bundles must be moved by forklifts without the use of pallets.
  • When transporting the hoses they must be sufficiently secured every time so as to prevent any damage during transport.
  •  SIGMA® hoses must not be dragged across the ground or over sharp-edged objects despite their size.
  • At no time, neither during transport nor storage, may objects be placed on the SIGMA® hose; otherwise embedded wire helixes will be in danger of becoming permanently damaged. Only SIGMA® hoses may be stored on top of each other.
  • It is very important to note that pressure sensitivity increases with the increasing nominal bore of the hose.
  • Due to the high mass of the SIGMA® materials handling hose system, it is recommended that hoisting equipment and the like be used when handling the hoses for ergonomic reasons.

General overview - for detailed information please see our data sheet.


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