SIGMA® Transport System

The original suction and delivery hose for the transport of abrasive media

SIGMA® plus FS3320

Pneumatic and hydraulic Transport of abrasive media with wear indicator

SIGMA® black FS 3325

Pneumatic and hydraulic Transport of abrasive media

SIGMA® white FS 3340

Pneumatic and hydraulic Transport of solid and dust-like Food


SIGMA® Product Folder



The next generation of the extremely abrasion resistant Semperit SIGMA® transport system for the hydraulic and pneumatic transport of abrasive material now encompasses three different products.

The original product range was revised and important, innovative changes were made for the further development of the original hoses.

With its substantially improved quality, the premium SIGMA® plus FS 3320 hose replaces the former FS 3320 product and represents he perfect addition to the already known and highly trusted SIGMA® black FS 3325 and SIGMA® white FS 3340 hose.

The new SIGMA® plus FS 3320 has been equipped with a high-quality EPDM MSHA cover, a thicker inner liner as well as a colored wear indicator for the early detection of abrasion. Located in the premium segment, the particularly robust and flexible hose finds its application in the transport of abrasive material such as cement, sand, phosphates, quartz, dolomite, broken glass and much more.

The same applications are covered by the SIGMA® black FS 3325 which stands out for its price / performance ratio.



Benefits of the SIGMA® transport system

  • Flexibility
  • Easy Assembling
  • Long Lasting
  • Reduced Noise Level




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