Stormy waters? Heavy lifting?

Whether on land or at sea you can rely on Semperit’s Sempercrane 2SN-K premium compact Hydraulic Hose

Stormy waters are only one example of the challenges at sea. Heavy lifting done by cranes under such conditions demands the most of cranes and their components. Therefore, the performance and quality of the components that are involved is essential and are a good reason to choose Semperit Hydraulic Hoses.

For mobile hydraulic applications such as cranes, up and down is a great way to go. After all, that’s their job. Hydraulic hoses are just like a muscle; they connect the moving parts of a crane and handle every up–and-down movement without a problem. At icy temperatures in Alaska or in the scorching heat of the Caribbean Sea. The hoses must also withstand pressure up to 6,500 psi.

Extremely low bend radius

The Sempercrane 2SN-K hydraulic hose is especially designed for mobile hydraulic equipment. It is so flexible that it easily takes tight bends at installation. This feature of the 2SN-K enables engineers to design cranes, machines, and engines to be much more compact, with smaller modules and components. In mobile hydraulic machinery, such as cranes, the innovative hose can save up to 100 pounds of weight per 800 feet of hose length when compared to traditional multi-layer hoses.

Outstanding ozone resistance

In operation cranes, excavators, and machines must withstand diverse environmental influences on land and at sea. The same is valid for the hydraulic components. Semperit’s Sempercrane 2SN-K has outstanding ozone resistance against harsh environmental influences for an extended hydraulic hose lifetime.

Up to 1,000,000 load cycles

The high durability compared to standard hydraulic hoses is an essential reason to choose the Sempercrane 2SN-K hydraulic hose from Semperit. The efficient combination of a rubber inner liner, wire braid, and rubber cover results in a hydraulic hose that can handle a million load cycles rather than 200,000 for standard hoses.


“Our Sempercrane 2SN-K not only has greater longevity, it can also withstand much higher system pressure when mounted in cranes and excavators,” explains Philipp Winter from Semperit.

When it comes to mobile hydraulic equipment, such as cranes, excavators, and machines, manufacturers rely on the Semperit Sempercrane 2SN-K hydraulic hose.


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